A New Year of Travel

It’s a new year full of new experiences yet to be imagined. I have 48 things to do for my birthday list this year, which averages out to four new things per month. I kicked off the year by attending a travel show and seeing travel writer Patricia Schultz speak. I didn’t know her background at all; she is most well-known for the best-selling 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

Have you read the book? I’ve always been intimidated by the number 1,000, so I haven’t read it. Maybe this is the year. Patricia gave a general talk that was based on her newest book, Why We Travel. I’ve always loved the “why” myself. It helps me understand why traveling is so important to me—like breathing air, really. I bought a copy of the book and am really enjoying the beautiful photography and the travel wisdom.

Patricia was a fun speaker. She’s obviously well-traveled and shared some awe-inspiring personal stories. I left her talk vowing to do more travel this year. It still doesn’t feel 100% safe to me…but this is the new normal, right? So, time to get out there. Do you have any travel plans for the year yet?

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  1. I have her book and use it almost as a reference guide. I, too, am eager to do more travel, particularly, international. Here’s to exploration!

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