I’m a Natural

I was commended on my performance in the fMRI machine today. I did so well, they want me to come back in a few months. I apparently kept very very still and listened to directions well. I was quite surprised by how well I did. I was in that tube for almost two hours! It […]

Suburbia Fix

I spent the weekend visiting Sam(antha) and Dave in Buffalo, NY. It was really nice to catch up with them, see their new house, and get my western NY suburbia fix. Wegmans! Gargantuan mall! Target! Perkins! They were gracious enough to accompany me on a quest to find brown boots in a size 5. In […]

Birthday List Update

As of February 21, I have completed 12 birthday list items. I should be averaging seven items a month. So, I am pretty much on track. Here’s the list so far: 1. Watch 8 ½ 2. Get Arthur Frommer’s autograph 3. Walk in Hasty Pudding Parade 4. Watch La Dolce Vita 5. Participate in research […]

Boston Globe Travel Show

Linda, Mary, and I went to the Boston Globe Travel Show today. It was fun! We entered to win at least six or seven free trips. Got a lot of reading materials…saw a presentation by my man Arthur Frommer and his daughter Pauline. Tasted just about every free sample at the Gypsy Wind Jam booth…jam […]

Stereoblindness Update

I had my second session for the stereoblindness study a couple of weeks ago. It entailed about two hours of hand-eye coordination activites. I had to put tiny metal rods in holes and put needle-like things on a pole. Using both eyes, then just the left eye, then just the right eye. Then I had […]