Stereoblind Guinea Pig

I went to MIT for the vision study last night, and I have some strange news and some good news. Which do you want to hear first? OK, the strange news is that I learned that I have a condition called stereoblindness. The good news is that means I qualify for the full-on research study. […]

Guinea Pig Dreams Do Come True

I am participating in a research study tomorrow. I had answered a craigslist post about a vision study, and I heard back from a nice MIT person. They are going to have a field day with me, because the study is about depth perception, and I have none! Four months from today, I am leaving […]

Arthur Frommer!

Met one of my idols tonight. Arthur Frommer! Yeah, the guy behind the Frommer’s travel guides. He gave a free lecture at the Boston Public Library tonight. I got his autograph; it was awesome. His talk centered on the 10 best things about travel right now and the 10 worst things about travel right now. […]

Quest to Be a Guinea Pig

So. When I went to the MIT Museum last month (#33 on my 34th birthday list), I learned about MIT’s brain research institute. I watched a video of volunteers talking about how they had their brains scanned for a research study, and they were given a picture of their brain scan. I thought, I want […]

My Significant Other Goes…

My Significant Other Goes “Movie Shipped: [insert movie title here].” Sorry Olive, I have a new SO named Netflix. I received Inglourious Basterds and watched it Friday. Put it in the mail on Saturday. Today I was told that I should receive La Dolce Vita tomorrow. And I watched Rudo y Cursi on my computer […]