About Last Night

  Well, the most exciting moment from last night’s viewing of Mad Men was the revelation that Don Draper and I share a birthday! I also learned that I highly enjoy mai tais. Making them and drinking them. And I was reminded that you should try to avoid sleeping with coworkers if you can help […]

Mad Men and Mai Tais

  Tonight is the night that many of us have been waiting for: the season 5 premiere of Mad Men. I am going over to my friend’s house to watch it. We are going to make mai tais and eat junk food. It’s fun to get excited about watching a TV show again. Besides Downton […]

The Average American’s Water Footprint

  How much water do you think you use each day? Besides what you drink? I was shocked to read this. And am still shocked that billions of people don’t have access to water year-round. This Thursday is World Water Day. Take the opportunity to think about how you can use less water. My workplace […]

My Kitchen Smells Like Fresca

  …because I just dumped four cans if it down the sink drain. I’ve always liked Fresca. When I have it in the house, I drink it a few times a week. I also buy Mountain Dew once in awhile. What sodas do you drink? Have you ever looked at the ingredients? The other day […]