T Minus Three Months


Here it is, March 1. I have three months to complete 24 birthday list items. No problemo!

In recent list news…

I ate at a restaurant called Marliave for the first time last week. It’s tucked away in a little historic pocket in downtown Boston. As soon as you walk in, you can tell that the place is historic. The walls are made of decorative white tin and the bar is made of marble. The stairs leading to the second floor are worn and uneven. The view from the large windows on the second floor is awesome. All you see is beautiful stone buildings from every vantage point.

The dining experience was quite “fine.” I ordered scrambled eggs with black truffle butter and farmhouse cheeses. And it came with fries! The waitress brought a silver container of ketchup on a dainty plate before the entree arrived and I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. The meal was divine. It was pricey, but I will return for those eggs. Mark my words.

I checked off a list item earlier today. I attended an alumni event for my undergrad college. An alumna works at the Sam Adams Brewery and arranged to give us a special after-hours tour. I’ve been to the brewery several times, but I had never been to “The Barrel Room,” as it’s closed to the public. It’s a temperature-controlled room where they keep special beer called “Utopias,” which is brewed in bourbon barrels. I was just about knocked over by the smell of bourbon as we entered the room. The beer is aged for two years in the barrels, and the finished product has a 28% ABV. A bottle costs $200. That’s a little out of my price range. But it’s served by the glass at a local restaurant, so it may make it on the birthday list yet.



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