Rock Star Weekend

  Thanks to Abby for helping me check off two birthday list items in the past two days. One was planned and one was not. Chronologically, we’ll start with the unplanned one. We saw Guster on Friday night. We knew we were going to be on the guest list, but imagine our surprise when the […]

About Last Night

  Well, the most exciting moment from last night’s viewing of Mad Men was the revelation that Don Draper and I share a birthday! I also learned that I highly enjoy mai tais. Making them and drinking them. And I was reminded that you should try to avoid sleeping with coworkers if you can help […]

Mad Men and Mai Tais

  Tonight is the night that many of us have been waiting for: the season 5 premiere of Mad Men. I am going over to my friend’s house to watch it. We are going to make mai tais and eat junk food. It’s fun to get excited about watching a TV show again. Besides Downton […]

The Average American’s Water Footprint

  How much water do you think you use each day? Besides what you drink? I was shocked to read this. And am still shocked that billions of people don’t have access to water year-round. This Thursday is World Water Day. Take the opportunity to think about how you can use less water. My workplace […]

My Kitchen Smells Like Fresca

  …because I just dumped four cans if it down the sink drain. I’ve always liked Fresca. When I have it in the house, I drink it a few times a week. I also buy Mountain Dew once in awhile. What sodas do you drink? Have you ever looked at the ingredients? The other day […]