Royal Wedding Donut

  Will and Kate’s wedding is a mere few weeks away…let the madness commence! Dunkin’ Donuts just announced its Royal Wedding donut. Mary and I will obviously have some of these at our viewing breakfast. I may be inclined to preserve a donut for posterity…as Daisy can attest, I have a donut hole from 1993.

Number 15

  I eat a three-course meal twice a year, during Restaurant Weeks. Tonight, I had dinner at Toscano in Beacon Hill. It was very, very, very good. I would go there again. For the first course, I had mozzarella, tomato, and basil. For the second course, I had sea scallops and the best sauteed spinach […]

Absinthe and Brussels Sprouts

  Last night I tried absinthe and brussels sprouts for the first time. I love when I can check off more than one list item in a day. I had decided to try absinthe, and in my research of the drink, I learned that March 5 was National Absinthe Day. The perfect day to try […]

S Is for Sophie Who Choked to Death on Her Saganaki

I checked off two list items today. I went to the Boston Athenaeum with Linda, Melissa, and Stephanie. We checked out a cool Edward Gorey exhibit. The exhibit rooms were crowded; I’d like to go back again when it is quiet so I can really study his drawings. I found it fascinating to notice all […]

I’m in Love

with a nut: