Time for Dessert

I tried Indian pudding the other day. It's a dessert native to New England, so it was fitting that I tried it at Durgin-Park, one of the city's oldest restaurants.                 I loved this dessert because (A) I love molasses. Note that one needs to feel strong affection... Continue Reading →

Feeling Honored

A few months ago, I attended Chris Guillebeau's book reading at my local bookstore. He was promoting his new book about traveling to every country in the world, The Happiness of Pursuit. The reading was great, and I left with a deep admiration for Chris and his work. I checked out his website and started... Continue Reading →

KNO Night

I thought it was apropos to book my birthday vacation while snowed in by Juno. #40 on the birthday list is...go to the Bahamas. Yes! This will be my second Caribbean vacation and I am psyched. So KNO night. KNO night was my first triple-header A–Z bar night. Thanks to Abby and Melissa for being... Continue Reading →

Copper, Silver, and Gold

I made two rings last weekend at Stonybrook Fine Arts.             Our instructor Sophia walked through the whole process for us first. The class size was eight, which was a good number for the space. All in all, it took us a little under three hours to make two rings.... Continue Reading →

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