Safety Valve


‘Tis the eve of April 1. Yes, that means tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. Yes, that means there will be snow on the ground in Boston. And YES, dear readers, that means that yours truly will only be 35 years old for two more months.

Two months = approximately 60 days left for the birthday list. I’m feelin’ good…I completed my 22nd item last night. Mary and I attended Songwriters Night at Berklee. It was a lot of fun. I chose this particular student concert because I assumed there would be quite a variety of music. And was there!

There were 15 performances in all. We heard everything from a girl playing a uke and singing about a summer fling to a heavy metal girl wailing about hiding in hell to a guy with a slight country twang singing about getting his heart trampled on. One singer/pianist performed a few songs and he sounded so much like Ben Folds, I started to get creeped out!

One of the professors welcomed the audience as the show began, and in his intro, he said that he considers music to be a “safety valve.” No matter what sad or bad things are going on around us, music can provide an escape, a safe place, a refuge. I think that’s true for other art forms, as well. I thought it was a nice sentiment.

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