Royal Wedding Donut


Will and Kate’s wedding is a mere few weeks away…let the madness commence! Dunkin’ Donuts just announced its Royal Wedding donut. Mary and I will obviously have some of these at our viewing breakfast.

I may be inclined to preserve a donut for posterity…as Daisy can attest, I have a donut hole from 1993.

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    1. Well, I kept it for years (as a memento from a high school musical). At one point, I asked myself, why do I still have this? But I’ve reached a point of no return with it…I feel silly throwing it out after having kept it for years. So, that’s why I have an 18-year-old donut hole. I can’t tell you where it is at the moment, but I know it’s somewhere. With a piece of onion ring circa early 2000s.

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