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I just found out about an awesome event happening on April 23, 2012: World Book Night. Volunteers across the country will pick up 2o free copies of a book and give them out to “non or light readers.” It started in the UK last year and was such a success that it has come to the United States this year. You need to apply to be a “giver” by February 1!!

The date of April 23 was chosen because UNESCO named it World Book and Copyright Day. Look at all of these “International Days”!

I wish I had more birthday list news to report. I tried to read William James’s Varieties of Religious Experience, as it is #2 in the Modern Library’s top 100 nonfiction books list. I had to give up after about 50 pages. His ideas were soaring 80 feet over my head. I’ll be watching High Noon (#33 in AFI top 100 list) soon. And I bought a Groupon for airbrush tanning. I have four months left to do 33 things…um, shit?

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