I’d Like to Dopeslap the Academy


OK, not really. But I’m still perplexed by its decision to increase the number of Best Picture nominees. I consider myself a movie lover, and used to enjoy watching all of the Best Picture nominees before the big night. But ever since the nominees doubled in number, I haven’t been able to watch all of them each year. And frankly, I haven’t been interested in all of the nominees. I tried to comprehend this article in which the nomination process was explained, but it made my head hurt.

So far this year, I’ve watched four nominees. I’m hoping to catch one or two more. I did just rent Beginners, since Christopher Plummer won a Supporting Actor Golden Globe for his performance and is nominated for an Oscar. It was one of those movies that I had wanted to see in the theater, but didn’t get around to it. Well. I’m glad I rented it and watched it by myself, because it made me CRY.

I was surprised by the emotion I felt. It was a quietly sad movie. No big tragedies occurred. Just the little everyday ones that we can all relate to: unhappy childhoods, failed romantic relationships, a parent’s death. I have a feeling I am not selling this movie. It had plenty of sweet and funny moments too! A blooming romance, the excitement of starting a new life at 75, and a really witty dog. The dog spoke (in subtitles) and made me laugh out loud. If you like quirky, character-driven movies, this one is a winner.


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