Foodie for a Weekend


Mary and I went to visit our friend Carrie in Chicago over the weekend. I had only been to Chicago once before, for work. I love Chicago for its food and architecture. Love love love. Every meal we had was incredible (brunch, deep dish pizza, Mexican, burgers). We missed the daily tour of the Half Acre Beer Company, but we were still able to try samples. We saw a Second City show in which one of the actors did a spot-on Obama impersonation. I also discovered the show Long Island Medium. Chill-inducing.

It was also fabulous to hang out at with Carrie; her husband; and their dog, Rosie. Rosie is a medium-sized dog who thinks she is a small dog. Or she may be part cat. Chicago, you’re my kind of town


The bean


For Wilco fans



















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  1. I discovered Long Island Medium this weekend too! I watched for two hours straight. Isn’t she incredible? I wonder how much a private session in her home costs…

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