Back in the Saddle


Wow, I’ve been gone awhile. I’ve been busy doing who knows what. I also went to Freeport, Maine, for a weekend and subsequently got a cold and hacking cough. The food alone was worth it, though.

best fish sandwich EVER
Best fish sandwich EVER



Handcut donuts for St. Patty's Day breakfast
Handcut donuts for St. Patty’s Day breakfast









Peanut Butter, Banana. Whoopie pie.
Peanut Butter. Banana. Whoopie pie.
















The shopping was good too. There’s a British goods store in Freeport. Mary watched in awe as I gasped and squealed at every other item I laid eyes on. I bought a can of Shandy Bass. I had never heard of it…apparently it’s a soft drink with a wee bit of Bass ale. I haven’t tried it yet but will let you know when I do.














I seem to have forgotten that I have something called A BIRTHDAY LIST…I will have to make up for lost time. I may attempt to squeeze in four items this weekend. Stay tuned.




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