A few months ago, I attended Chris Guillebeau‘s book reading at my local bookstore. He was promoting his new book about traveling to every country in the world, The Happiness of Pursuit.

The reading was great, and I left with a deep admiration for Chris and his work. I checked out his website and started reading profiles of the various members of his “Art of Non-Conformity” community. I thought, “These are my people!” Even though I haven’t done anything as bold and brave as many of the travelers and “quest-ers” profiled, I share in their spirit.

So when I noticed that he encouraged readers to submit their personal stories for travel or quest profiles, I decided to submit my birthday list idea. I’m not doing any too earth-shattering through the birthday list, but I do undertake a particular number of things in a finite amount of time. Every. Year. (For the last 11 years now. :))

I like to think that a “quest” in life can take any size. The point of a quest is to take on something new and in turn learn something new about yourself and the world in the process.

Chris and his crew accepted my idea and I am so honored to be profiled on his site! Thank you for the opportunity, Chris.