Birthday #41

This summer went by faster than usual. I’m still in denial that it’s over…but in four days, it’s the official start of fall and there is no denying it.

So here is a belated birthday recap aka the last item on my birthday list. I like to avoid renting a car on my birthday trips in order to save money. And that’s how I decided on Hyannis on Cape Cod. I had read that Hyannis was the biggest “city” on the Cape, and the bus station was a short walk from town. This was only my second vacation on the Cape in 17 years…many New Englanders would be appalled by this admission.

Hyannis was just waking up for the summer in late May, but most of the shops were open. We ate at some interesting restaurants (Common Ground Cafe) and had delicious seafood twice (Black Cat Tavern and Baxter’s). Allen (and his car) stayed for the first half of my trip, so we visited the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory and Cape Cod Beer, which are on the outskirts of town.








One out of my three days there was sunny. The day that we went to the beach was not sunny.

At least we had the beach almost to ourselves?
At least we had the beach almost to ourselves?









After Allen left, I visited the JFK Museum.








There is a JFK Museum here because Hyannis, and Hyannisport, were the beloved summer home of the Kennedys. It’s a small museum, but the exhibits were interesting. One featured JFK’s history of sailing; another detailed his relationship with his brother Bobby.

And I got a glimpse of the “Kennedy compound” when I took a sunset cruise. We could barely make out the houses, but the father-and-son cruise team were very knowledgeable and explained who lived in all of the different houses over the years.








On my last day, I had a lovely Italian meal for lunch and ate ice cream at the harbor (it was the one sunny day!).








I had a lovely visit and it may have just sparked an interest in visiting other towns on the Cape…

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