Korean and Italian Delights

This is the year that I try lots of different restaurants for my birthday list. So much good food. I’m only about 1/3 of the way through my list with fewer than two months to go until my birthday. Life happens. I’ll try to finish the list by the end of the summer.

So, Korean food! We had heard good things about Bonchon in Allston from Allen’s family, so we met there for dinner one evening. It’s an international chain that specializes in Korean-style fried chicken and other Asian dishes.

We split Korean chicken and seafood fried rice. There were different sauces for the chicken, and we chose the sweet, mild one because I’m a wimp when it comes to spice. It was absolutely delicious. The friend rice was also very good, not too greasy.

We arrived early for dinner, which was key because it was packed when we left. It’s a lively place that seems to cater to large groups.

Allen and I went with Italian for our anniversary dinner. He suggested Porcini’s in Watertown. I will never say no to Italian food.

I was having some stomach issues, so forewent my usual alfredo sauce route and had scallops and risotto. It was quite good. Allen got a chicken and pasta dish that he enjoyed. The ambiance was nice, although some of the tables seemed a little close together for my taste. Luckily it was a quiet night when we were there. Thumbs up to both of these establishments!

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