Neighborhood Restaurants

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for 10 years and am in the process of moving to a new neighborhood (albeit within walking distance of my current one). I’m glad I made it to two neighborhood restaurants before I left. I’ve walked by both of them countless times, thinking, “I have to try this place someday.”

Someday came this spring! The Daily Catch is a small restaurant that always has a line outside at dinnertime. It has approximately 10 small tables. Allen and I arrived at 5:00 on a weekend night and got the last available table. The restaurant specializes in Italian seafood dishes. I had shrimp and linguine and he had shrimp and scallops and linguine. There is a reason for that line outside. The food is heavenly. I want to return and try the black pasta made with squid ink…

I tried a takeout sandwich place that has intrigued me for years as well. The Seven Subs storefront consists of a half door that the staff open when they see someone standing outside.

The number of sandwiches on the menu is impressive. I tried a Greek wrap. I enjoyed it but did lament the absence of black olives. I will not hold that against Seven Subs, though. I will give it another chance.

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