Adventures in Charcoal Toothpaste

It seems like every type of toiletry has a charcoal option these days. Even toothpaste.

Allen shivered when I showed him the Tom’s charcoal toothpaste that I bought. But I was not afraid to put charcoal in my mouth, because I have eaten charcoal ice cream before (and kind of liked it). And I’ve also tried charcoal soap.

Tom’s charcoal toothpaste promises to gently whiten my teeth. Seems counterintuitive, but I’ll take a gamble. The toothpaste is as black as night. It tastes fine; I just have to get used to my whole mouth turning black as I brush.

On my list of charcoal toiletries to try next: shampoo and a face mask. Do you love any particular charcoal toiletries?

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