Pi Day

As you know, Pi Day (3/14) was last Sunday. In light of, oh, the pandemic going on, I thought that some pie would be a good distraction for a few minutes.

Just our luck, there’s a pie shop called Drive-By Pies a short drive from our apartment. We headed over around lunchtime. We got one of the last pies available; it was still in the oven, so we were told to return in about 20 minutes.

Also just our luck, we needed groceries, and there was a local market near the pie shop. We almost couldn’t believe our luck. We found bread, soup, pasta, and meat. We were absolutely giddy since we had come up short multiple times at local grocery chains lately. The icing on the cake was the thermometer that Allen presented to me with flair. I had been looking for a thermometer for a week and finally ordered a $20 one online, which I had to wait 1.5 weeks for.

We went back to the pie shop after our triumphant grocery excursion and had to wait a few more minutes for our apple cranberry crumb pie. It was still blazing hot, but they let us take it home.

The pie was a little soupy, probably due to the halted cooling process, but it was still absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to try the chocolate pecan pie whenever the shop opens again.

I can’t close without saying: Stay healthy and safe and stay at least six feet away from people if you have to be near people. Lives depend upon it. Maybe your own. xoxo

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