Flowers + Wine = ?

Allen and I made it to Crane Beach at the very end of the summer. Every trip to this beautiful beach calls for a trip to Russell Orchards, since it’s en route to the beach.

Russell’s has a farm store with produce, baked goods, gifts, ice cream, and a large section of its own fruit wines. I’ve tried many over the years and they are always delightful. This year, lilac wine caught my eye, since lilacs are prevalent in my hometown every spring.

I was a tad dubious about the idea of pairing flowers with wine, but I like trying new things. So why not try it?

Well, I didn’t necessarily hate it, but…this wine is VERY SWEET. Too sweet for my taste (and I have a sweet tooth). I am going to try cutting it with something (any ideas?) to see what I think when I am not overwhelmed by sweetness. Have you ever tried a floral wine?

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