Farmstands in the Fall…

Ah, farmstands. There’s nothing like a visit to a farmstand in the fall: pumpkins, decorative gourds, apple cider donuts, mums…

I love my local farmstand, but it is small. We tried to visit it a few times this fall, but there was always a long line out front. Time to find another farmstand. We found one that was approximately a 30-minute drive, so off we went to Volante Farms.

Wow! What an impressive farmstand. (Although, I would really call it a grocery store with a greenhouse.) The produce was gorgeous and there were 10+ varieties of apples to choose from. There was a full bakery, meat, cheese, prepared foods, and curated pantry staples. You could also order sandwiches, and there is an ice cream stand in the summer. The greenhouse sold mums and other flowers, herbs, pumpkins, and gourds.

I will have to see what holiday goodies await me here…

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