A Taste of Paris Around the Corner

I’ve lived in my current apartment for almost two years, and I’ve walked by a shop around the corner called New Paris Bakery countless times for almost two years. It never looked open when I happened to be walking by. It has old-timey ephemera displayed in the windows, including a sign announcing a 100-year-anniversary celebration in 2019, and this sign made by the original owner.

Open for 100 years?? This unassuming bakery that is never open when I walk by? Well, Allen and I finally made a point of doing a walk-by on a Saturday afternoon. It had to be open on a Saturday afternoon, right? Right.

As we walked through the door, it felt like we were entering a time warp. The shop has been at this location for 92 years, and I’m not sure much has changed. An old beautiful glass case showcased about a row and a half full of cookies and chocolate candy.

A wave of nostalgia washed over me as I noticed the textured gold trays holding the cookies. They were the same trays that I shuffled around for six years when I worked in a Wegmans bakery. I often worked in the evenings, which meant that I would hand wash dozens and dozens of those trays.

A friendly woman waited on us (I assume it was the owner) and rang up our order. The chocolates were labeled, but the cookies were not. We bought a few orange cream chocolates and took a gamble on some cookies dipped in chocolate and chocolate sprinkles.

Not surprisingly, the treats were delicious. The cookies were just the right balance of buttery and chocolatey. The dark chocolate used in the candy was not too sweet and not too bitter.

The shop’s eclairs are the most popular item, so we will have to visit early in the morning sometime to grab some before they sell out. I’m so glad to have finally tried my neighborhood bakery. I hope it lives on for 100 more years.

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