Brunch in an Igloo

Allen and I splurged for our anniversary and had brunch in an igloo at a neighborhood restaurant called Article 24. We haven’t eaten at any restaurants in a while, so it was an odd yet familiar feeling. The igloo was heated and had a table set for six, so we had plenty of space.

We had never eaten at the restaurant before, so we didn’t know what to expect. Our server was delightful, the service was fast, and the food and drinks were great. We had to spend a certain amount of money, so we indulged in multiple drinks, an appetizer, dessert…wow! We both ordered omelettes for the main course.

It was still a little nerve-wracking to be out at a restaurant and interacting with multiple people, but I felt as safe as I could. I’m glad to have had this option to flirt with normalcy at a safe distance.

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