Customized Chucks

When I was in college, I lived in low-top Converse. I had red ones, black ones, yellow ones, blue ones. As I started to wear them out, I didn’t replace them. I started a career and basically stopped wearing sneakers. I’ve always had one or two pairs of New Balance or Asics sneakers on hand for walking, but that’s about it.

Until now. Converse are back in my closet…and not only are they high-top for a change, but I created them. Did you know that you can create your own custom pair of Converse?

Well, now you do. I forget how I learned about this, as I made the discovery a few years ago. I finally got around to ordering them and it was such a fun experience. They are $25+ more expensive than your basic Converse that you buy at the store.

I created my pair on a whim a few weeks ago. I didn’t take my time and try different color combinations. I went with my gut, which led me to choose a navy, olive green, and orange combination. You can choose colors for every part of the shoe, even down to the eyelets, stitching, and rubber. You have 13 choices to make!

My favorite feature is that you can have words embroidered on the racing stripes on the back. Again, I went with my gut and the first words I typed out were “Be Present.”

I may need to order some custom low-tops next…

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