Birthday Trip #17

Every year since I turned 30, I have visited a new place for my birthday. Because COVID is still looming large (even though more than half of adults in the US are vaccinated), I wanted to stay somewhat close to home. I landed on Sturbridge, MA, because I thought it was about time I went to Old Sturbridge Village. And during my research, I realized that Sturbridge is next to Brimfield, one of the antiques capitals of the world.

I also discovered during my research that there was an airport diner in Southbridge, right next door. PERFECT.

Allen and I found Old Sturbridge Village, which is a living history museum, to be delightful. There were some adaptations because of COVID (not as many activities, especially inside of the buildings), but there was still plenty to see. Our favorite part was seeing the animals at the barns: sheep, pigs, cows, and chickens.

We visited shoemakers, blacksmiths, cattle wranglers, clothing makers, printers, and basket makers. It was a fun day.

We had some great meals in the area (BBQ and seafood) and enjoyed visiting some indoor flea markets. We loved eating at the airport diner, even though we only saw two planes taking off. A bonus was seeing a number of hummingbirds at feeders on the grounds.

I really want to return to the area someday to attend one of the Brimfield Antiques Flea Markets. My dad would take the family to flea markets when I was young, so shopping at fleas is in my blood. Lucky for me that it’s in Allen’s blood, too!

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