Sound Bath Meditation

I’m always looking for new healing modalities and ways to handle stress better. When I took the SMART training at the Benson-Henry Institute a few years ago, I learned how stress can physically alter your brain. Also, when you have certain mystery diseases, such as fibromyalgia (which I do), stress reduction is key.

My self-healing journey led me to a local energy sound healer named Bernadette Yao. I participated in one of her online energy sound meditations the other night. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured I would get something out of it since I already have a smidgeon of a daily meditation practice and I love music.

I was delighted to do my first-ever “chakra tune-up” before the sound bath meditation. Bernadette briefly explained the seven chakras and their associated colors. Then we went about the business of deep breathing and singing a specific vowel as we moved through each chakra and Bernadette played alchemy crystal singing bowls.

Courtesy of Insight Timer

Then we started the sound bath meditation, which was about 15 minutes long. Bernadette played a variety of the crystal bowls and accompanied with her soothing voice.

In a word, it was lovely. Calming, peaceful, and much-needed at the end of a long week. I am psyched to add this type of meditation to my self-healing toolkit.

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