4K Minutes of Meditation

I surpassed 4K minutes of meditation on Headspace.com the other day. I don’t remember when I started my meditation journey on Headspace; it has definitely been a few years. So this may not be too impressive of a number to some people, but I am celebrating it.

Meditation has helped my mental and physical health immensely. I struggled with starting a practice at first, when I thought that I had to find perfect stillness every time I meditated. When I thought that I failed if I fell out of the practice for a few days or a week.

Once I let go of these expectations, I was able to enjoy myself and build the habit. If my mind didn’t stop racing during a particular session, it was OK. If I was too tired to meditate one night, it was OK.

I think another “secret” to creating a meditation practice is to find what type of meditation works for you. Or to find one to start with. I started meditating thanks to Oprah and Deepak’s free guided meditations (which have sadly ceased). Each day of the 21-day series, Deepak would offer a different mantra to repeat. This was helpful to me as a beginner because it gave me something concrete to focus on.

The meditations on Headspace are also guided, but I’ve been transitioning to sessions that are “less guided.” What I really enjoy about Headspace is that there are series with different themes: everything from managing stress and pain to healthy eating to fostering creativity. There are also plenty of quick, single meditations if you only have a few minutes.

I am really leaning on meditation during this time of ill health. It’s incredible what 12 minutes of calming the mind can do for the mind and body.

I ordered a singing bowl for Christmas because I’m interested in incorporating sound into my meditation practice. I will report on that soon…

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022.

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