Healing Sounds

I recently decided that I needed to buy a Tibetan singing bowl. How did I come to that decision? Memory fails me.

What I do know is that I’m always looking for ways to live in the present moment more often, quiet my monkey mind, and de-stress. So one day, I crossed a mysterious path with Tibetan singing bowls, entered “Tibetan singing bowl” in the Google search bar, and clicked on The Ohm Store‘s website.

I ordered the Buddha bowl first because it mentioned healing (which I desperately need right now). I placed the order around Christmastime and guess what—it was stolen from my doorstep! My apartment building has a locked lobby, so it’s a wonder I receive anything that I order online.

Anyway, I opted for the cheaper Original Ohm bowl the second time, in case the second one had a similar fate. Luckily, #2 did make it into my hands.

I’m still learning how to make it “sing,” but I’m enjoying the simple sound it makes when I hit the mallet on the side of it. It dawned on me that I was probably running the mallet the “wrong way” around the edge to make it sing because I’m left-handed. And yes, I confirmed that the mallet should be run around the edge counterclockwise, not clockwise like I was doing it.

If I end up using the bowl a good amount, I may buy the Buddha bowl again and start a singing bowl collection.

Happy weekend and stay safe.

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