Upping Our Snack Game

I heard about Universal Yums a few months ago and ordered a box for some friends for Christmas. The company delivers snacks from all around the world to your door. I ended up on the company’s email list because of my purchase.

I hadn’t been moved to buy a box personally until I received an email about its Valentine’s Day box. Something clicked and I went for it. I liked that there would be snacks from all over the world in one box. I believe the subscription service features one country per box.

I’ve only tried a few snacks so far, but they’ve all been delicious: popcorn truffles from France, chocolate-dipped Belgian waffle cookies, and strawberry toffee from an Eastern European country. There’s a great variety of sweet and savory treats. You can also buy some individual snacks on the site. I bought an individual bag of Italian bruschetta cracker things in order to qualify for free shipping.

If you like trying new foods, you would enjoy Universal Yums! It’s also a great idea for gift giving if you’re looking for something unique to buy someone.

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