Chilling on the South Shore

My birthday destination this year was Scituate, a town about an hour south of Boston. We couldn’t venture very far this year, because I had to travel for my college reunion the day after my birthday.

Scituate was a nice little town on the ocean. Not too much going on, but we had some really good meals and enjoyed being near the water. We watched a nice sunset from the Scituate Lighthouse.

Scituate is not the most tourist-friendly place, because it keeps all of its beaches to itself. You need to be a resident to park near any beaches. We fortunately were able to borrow a parking pass from our hotel, but we unfortunately had trouble finding the parking areas. I think they are intentionally hidden. The weather was also not warm enough for enjoying the beach, but we sat at a beach for about 20 minutes one afternoon while the wind blew the hair on our heads straight up…

On another afternoon, we visited Untold Brewing. It was during the week, so it was fairly quiet. We had a beer and some free potato chips on a lovely deck.

Actor Steve Carrell from the American version of the TV show The Office owns a general store in the next town over from Scituate, so we popped in there and bought a few grocery items.

We also walked around the North River Wildlife Sanctuary before heading out of town. We enjoyed watching mom and dad birds at a nest.

And that was that for the birthday this year.

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