Vegetable Confetti

I’ve been hearing about microgreens for years, thinking that they were merely cute baby lettuce leaves. On a whim, I ordered some recently while placing my regular order with Misfits Market, an online produce and pantry retailer.

When they arrived, I headed to Google to find out what to do with them. I had no idea that they were packed with nutrients! I need more of these in my life. In case you don’t know about microgreens, the short version is that you can put them in salads, blend them into smoothies, or use them to garnish various dishes.

We put some in a salad that we made the other night. I didn’t notice a distinctive taste when they were mixed in with the salad. I’ll have to try them on their own before adding them to a dish next time. I’ll definitely be adding them to my grocery list from now on. If you eat microgreens regularly, share your thoughts in the comments!

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