A Bevy of Biergartens

The Boston area seems to have really embraced the biergarten concept. This is a beautiful thing if you’re a beer drinker. Within a few weeks’ time, Allen and I visited three outdoor beer gardens within a 20-minute drive.

Notch Brewing from Salem, MA, has set up shop in the Charles River Speedway in Brighton. It’s an interesting spot with a group of historic buildings and a courtyard. Notch is set up in one building and has tables set up in the courtyard. There are a few eateries there…a hummus shop and ice cream shop. The Speedway is a fairly new venue and has been doing some programming, such as movie nights and Dungeons & Dragons nights.

We went on a weekend afternoon that was a bit toasty, so it wasn’t terribly busy. I had a nice Czech Pils and Allen had a nice Hefe Weisse. The only downside to the place is that there is not much parking—just a small lot. But we found street parking nearby.

My favorite of the outings was the Night Shift Brewing popup in Christian Herter Park in Allston, only because we had a view of the Charles River from our seats. The tables were spread out from each other, so I also felt more comfortable there, COVID speaking. I actually didn’t have a beer that day; I tried a pineapple coconut hard seltzer. Allen had a farmhouse ale.

Our third biergarten experience was a Mighty Squirrel popup in a mixed-use area called Arsenal Yards in Watertown. I didn’t even have a beer that day(!). But Allen enjoyed a farmhouse ale. It was another slightly toasty weekend afternoon, so it was probably quieter than usual.

All of these spots were fun, so we’ll probably visit them again this summer. Do you have a favorite biergarten in your area? Tell us about it in the comments!

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