Baby Pandas

  Look at this photo of baby pandas that I found on                 I find myself staring at the photo blankly because I can’t even comprehend the cuteness!  

Dog Day Afternoon

  I attended my first “yappy hour” yesterday. The Liberty Hotel invites people to bring their dogs to happy hour on Wednesdays in the summer. I went with my friend Rhea and her Llhasa apso, Sparky. It was amazing. There were probably around 50 dogs. ALL different breeds. Being a cat person, I felt like […]

MSPCA Walk for Animals

  A couple of friends and I are participating in the MSPCA‘s Walk for Animals this year. I am excited to be walking (and hopefully raising a bit of money) to support what the MSPCA does: help and protect animals. I have really enjoyed volunteering there the past two years. Thousands of cats, dogs, rabbits, […]

Drug-Free Hallucination and Warm Fuzzies

  I saw the movie The Tree of Life the other day. All I knew about the film was that Brad Pitt played Sean Penn’s father in it. Imagine my surprise when I experienced a drug-free hallucination of sorts. If you see the movie, I’m sure you’ll know exactly at which moment this happened. I […]

Christian the Lion

  I was at the dentist’s office the other day, when my dental hygienist commented on my Harrods bag. She then mentioned that she always thinks about Christian the Lion when she thinks of Harrods. Who is this lion??? I asked. Apparently, Harrods used to sell exotic pets. Such as lions. Two young Australians bought […]