Hugh and Saul

I subsist on beanie weenies* so I can go out and do things like watch Hugh Laurie play the blues and watch Saul Williams talk. If you know who Hugh Laurie is, you may be thinking, what? He's an actor. He's Gregory House. He's Bertie Wooster. Yes, he is those characters. But he is also... Continue Reading →


  SWF ISO a straight version of David Sedaris crossed with a straight version of Michael Stipe crossed with Kermit the Frog. Is this why I am still single?   I saw David Sedaris speak last weekend. Here is one of the stories he read. The stories he writes are clever in their own right,... Continue Reading →

Upstate NY = Quintessentially American

  I just learned that I grew up in a quintessentially American city. The second most quintessentially American city. At least it was in 2004. At least according to one particular market research study. And there were two other upstate NY cities in the top 5. I learned this from the book Fame Junkies. Thanks,... Continue Reading →

Death by Misadventure

  I admittedly don't read much fiction. I'm more drawn to nonfiction...not sure why. But when I read a novel like Under the Volcano, I admonish myself and say, "Self, you should really read more fiction." Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry definitely deserves its #11 spot in the Modern Library's top 100 novels list.... Continue Reading →

Literary and Cinematic Update

I finished Nabokov's autobiography. I really enjoyed it. His lyrical writing made my heart flutter. Now, let's talk about Henry James. I have bumbled my way through 30 pages of his Wings of the Dove. As far as I can tell, the characters are talking in circles. But I think I am just not getting... Continue Reading →

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