Numbers 30 and 31

Taza chocolate = amazing. Tracy and I took the factory tour over the weekend. We didn’t see any chocolate being made (no production on the weekends), but there were plenty of samples, and the guides were awesome. The company uses organic ingredients, engages in direct trade, and is all about sustainability. What’s not to love. […]

Some New Tunes and a Picnic

This Saturday is Record Store Day. If any of you still buy CDs like I do, visit your local record store, will ya?? I’ll be buying the new Radiohead album. Next Friday is Earth Day. The Nature Conservancy is promoting a cool campaign called “Picnic for the Planet.” Have a picnic sometime next week, will […]

Mystic and Skinny Atlas and…

  I’ve decided to go to Mystic, Connecticut, for my birthday. I’ve never been to Connecticut. Any dining/sightseeing recommendations? Melissa, I know Barrett will have a ton! When I visit my fam next weekend, my mom and I will be visiting Skinny Atlas. Well, it’s Skaneateles. But it’s much easier to type it out phonetically. […]

Royal Wedding Donut

  Will and Kate’s wedding is a mere few weeks away…let the madness commence! Dunkin’ Donuts just announced its Royal Wedding donut. Mary and I will obviously have some of these at our viewing breakfast. I may be inclined to preserve a donut for posterity…as Daisy can attest, I have a donut hole from 1993.

Number 15

  I eat a three-course meal twice a year, during Restaurant Weeks. Tonight, I had dinner at Toscano in Beacon Hill. It was very, very, very good. I would go there again. For the first course, I had mozzarella, tomato, and basil. For the second course, I had sea scallops and the best sauteed spinach […]