Two Weeks

Two weeks from today, I will be on a beach in the Bahamas pretending that it’s not my birthday. Yay!

Today’s report is on trampolining and eating.

Deb and I went to Launch trampoline park a couple of weeks ago. It took us a few tries to find it as it was nighttime and it’s located in a random industrial park.

Launch Trampoline Park








It was a pretty quiet evening; there were a few teenagers and one family bopping around.

One big trampoline was sectioned off by foam walkways. We were too freaked to try running at a good clip in order to jump over the walkways as the teenagers were doing. So we just jumped straight up and down. It was very freeing and quite a workout. We had to take breaks every so often to catch our breath.

There was also a big foam pit. At first, we hopped into it, just to test it out. Lying among a seemingly endless number of foam cubes proved to be very relaxing. I decided to try properly jumping into the pit but quickly changed my mind as I struggled to climb out of it. It felt as if the foam cubes were swallowing my legs. I literally flung myself onto the floor, sighing with relief that I didn’t have to call over a staff member to pull me out.

It was a fun time, but I don’t know if I would go again. I just kept picturing myself with a limb or two in a cast due to an awkward fall. And I had a few good awkward falls!

…And then we have another birthday list item about food.

I went to Haley House Bakery Café on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It’s in a neighborhood I hadn’t been to, so it was a nice adventure. I’ve been wanting to visit it for a while, because of its mission to build community and help people through its housing and employment programs.

The café sells soups and sandwiches and all kinds of baked goods. I ordered a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and an iced tea and sat outside so I could enjoy the sunshine. On my way out, I bought a lemon scone for breakfast the next morning. It’s a small place but I really liked the vibe. I will return sometime to check out one of its open mic nights…

Haley House Bakery Cafe

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