…These are a few of my favorite things…

I went to Portland with some friends recently to see my bazillionth Guster concert. I love Guster and I love Portland. And I love seeing Guster play in Portland.

There’s no time to waste with the birthday list now, so I try to pack in as many things as possible on the weekends. During this particular weekend, I tried potato donuts and tried a Belgian beer, chosen solely on the basis of its name.

So the potato donuts were amazing.

potato donuts







The consistency of the potato donut seemed more dense than the regular donut. Oh, what exactly is a potato donut? Mashed potatoes are substituted for flour.

The flavors were divine. Dark chocolate toasted coconut, blueberry glazed, sweet potato ginger glazed, Allen’s Coffee Brandy….

The shop, The Holy Donut, is right in the downtown area, and it’s been duly added to the list of things I have to do during every Portland visit.

One important thing that’s on my list of things to do in Portland is drink a lot of good beer. There are so many great breweries in the Portland area. We went to a bar I hadn’t been to before, called Novare Res. Spoiled for choice! I don’t know much about Belgian beers, but I chose one that was called “Mad Bitch” because I liked the name.

Mad Bitch beer









There was a lot going on in this beer. It was a bit too floral and fruity for my taste, but I’m sure that Belgian beer fans would really enjoy it.

Signing off for now…