Closing the Book on A–Z

I went to the Bahamas; I saw 40 barreling toward me; I conquered…? There’s still lots to catch you up on, but let’s first close the book on the A–Z bar list. The list ended with a fizzle because I ran out of time. I had E, U, and Y left, and I just couldn’t […]

Donuts and Beer

…These are a few of my favorite things… I went to Portland with some friends recently to see my bazillionth Guster concert. I love Guster and I love Portland. And I love seeing Guster play in Portland. There’s no time to waste with the birthday list now, so I try to pack in as many […]

X Marks the Spot

I’m approaching the end of the road with the A–Z list and I’m having to bend the rules a bit. X was tough…so I was forced to visit a place (a) that I’ve been to before and (b) that has an X in its “branding” but not in its actual name = Legal Crossing. AKA […]

Ls and Qs

Only five more bars left on the A–Z list so I’m right on track. I had hot pot for the first time at a hot spot a couple of weeks ago: Q Restaurant.                 I’m not sure what I ordered, but it was good! The waiter placed a […]

KNO Night

I thought it was apropos to book my birthday vacation while snowed in by Juno. #40 on the birthday list is…go to the Bahamas. Yes! This will be my second Caribbean vacation and I am psyched. So KNO night. KNO night was my first triple-header A–Z bar night. Thanks to Abby and Melissa for being […]