Six Months

I have six months left of being a 30-something. OMFG!! I have six months to figure out how to enter a new decade gracefully = not kicking, screaming, sobbing, and cursing. Alcohol will help, right? I have 14 more bars to go on the alphabet list. I went to Rosebud the other night. I’d been […]

Lite-Brite and Write for Rights

I’ve checked off C and H on the Alphabet Bar List. Carrie Nation             This restaurant is huge. There is a bar and a restaurant AND a speakeasy! I had to check out the speakeasy, of course. The floor was weathered wood and light was nonexistent save some beaded lamps […]

Age Discrimination and Alphabet Bar Update

Firstly, Happy Veterans Day to the veterans out there, including my dad! Secondly, I joined again, even though I swore I would never throw my money its way again. I was sucked in because I received a message about a week ago; I eventually broke down because I wanted to read the message. It […]

Girls’ Night Out: South End Edition

Last week, I checked off the seventh and eighth letters of my Alphabet Bar List, M and W. It was an especially fun night because I had five lovely ladies join me. I can’t remember the last time I went out with more than a couple of friends at the same time. It made me […]

London Continued

  One of the many reasons I wish I lived in London is that Londoners still read printed books and newspapers. These are MY PEOPLE. London has at least eight major newspapers. So many people read newspapers and leave them on the Tube that the Mayor of London’s office posted this ad on the Tube: […]