Back to Downton

I’ve missed you, dear readers! I spent the summer packing, moving, unpacking…and we’re still unpacking…

I have 10 more things left to do for this year’s birthday list, and at least 10 that I haven’t reported on yet, so let’s begin.

The only TV show I’ve watched religiously in years is Downton Abbey. What anglophile wouldn’t love Downton Abbey? The writing, the acting, the costume and scenic design. THE MUSIC. Every little thing this cast and crew did was magic, if you ask me.

I was sad when it ended, yet at the same time, I understood that six seasons were plenty, and why not end on a high note?

When I heard that a traveling Downton Abbey exhibition was stopping in Boston this summer, I had to go. My friend and I went one sunny afternoon, along with what felt like hundreds of other people. It was a timed entry, and I think they let in way too many people. It was a slight struggle to get up close to anything.

But it’s still a treat for diehard fans. The first section was a “gallery” that highlighted each character’s storyline and included a few props.

Downton Abbey exhibit Matthew Crawley

Walking through a re-creation of the kitchen was fun, as was a room with projected video on the walls. The exhibition ended with a display of numerous costumes and a re-creation of the dining room. There was a large shop, of course, and I bought some tea and postcards.

I saw the film soon after it came out last month, and it was perfect. I might even have to see it again.

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