A Superfood Made of Nuts…er, Fruit?

Have you heard of Maya nuts? I hadn’t until I read an article on the Blue Zones blog. Maya nuts are not a type of nut—they are a type of fruit—and are found in Costa Rica. I read that they contain lots of nutrients and are caffeine-free but give some people energy. Sounded good to me!

I ordered a container of the Blue Zones’ “Healthy Blue” online and received it within days. The directions are vague: add one scoop to your favorite milk. But how much milk? It can be served hot or iced, and I decided to try the iced version first. I combined some almond milk with one scoop and blended it with ice.

It frothed up nicely. I took a tentative sip and found it to taste very nutty. No surprise there. It’s not love at first sight between me and the Maya nut, but I will keep experimenting with it. The directions say that drinks can be sweetened as well, so I might try a dash of monkfruit sweetener in it next time.

It will be a nice alternative when I get bored of smoothies or have a nut craving…

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