Adventures in Water

I have never enjoyed drinking plain water. I started drinking more water about six months ago when I bought this water bottle with an infuser. A hint of fruit in the water really helps me drink it more often.

I tried two different types of water recently: maple and collagen. I assumed that I would like the maple water because I love those little maple sugar candies that you find next to maple syrup in farm stores.

I was right about the maple. Yum. According to Drink Simple’s website, maple water is more hydrating than regular water and it has antioxidants, prebiotics, and polyphenols. This is a new bevvie that I will add to my water rotation.

Collagen is all the rage now, isn’t it? Vital Proteins’ collagen water was OK; it didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t taste great either. Hard pass on this one, but it’s all personal preference.

Do you have a favorite “alternative” water? I’m all ears!

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